Vote Christensen for Auditor-Controller

Jennifer Christensen is the County’s Chief Investment Officer and an experienced financial professional. It is no secret that Santa Barbara County is heading into some serious financial budget and fiscal issues. We need an experienced and well qualified individual as our Auditor-Controller. That is why a number of past and current local mayors and the County Treasurer Harry Hagen are supporting Jennifer Christensen. That is why I have voted for her. I urge you to do the same.

Stephen Pepe


Experience speaks for Brown

There are three candidates running for Sheriff. Over my 35-year career I worked with all three, in the office and in the field during emergencies and crisis. I know and respect each one of them. They are honorable career law enforcement professionals. The two challengers are lieutenants, and while each has a commendable record as a law enforcement officer, they lack the essential command and executive level experience that is necessary to lead our Sheriff’s office in the turbulent times of the budget cuts and disasters we are experiencing in Santa Barbara County.

Sheriff Brown has a proven track record of success. He has led the Sheriff’s Office through six years of dramatic budget cuts with no layoffs of deputies. He has successfully led us through a variety of critical incidents and disasters, including several mass murders, a dozen major wildland fires, and the recent mudslides in Montecito. He oversaw the consolidation of the Sheriff and Fire aviation units into a blended County Air Support Unit led by the Sheriff's Office which was performed invaluable rescues and services in recent county disasters.

Sheriff Brown cares about our community. He was awarded the California Forensic Mental Health Association’s Words to Deeds Paradigm Award for championing efforts to end criminalization of persons with mental illness. He reinstituted the D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance and Education) program in schools. He expanded the agency's narcotics and gang enforcement efforts and expanded the Law Enforcement Explorer Program. He secured a competitive state award of $80 million for a North County jail.

I urge you to visit each candidate’s election webpage and look at their accomplishments and qualifications. I am sure will decide to re-elect Sherriff Bill Brown on June 5.

Donald Patterson

Acting Undersheriff

Santa Barbara County (retired)

Get the facts on DACAs

Americans have been listening to our politicians and pundits for over a year about the future of DACA recipients.

I'd like to see our government randomly select a sample of 200 DACA recipients from each of our 50 States, compile the statistics and publish the results. No partisanship, no subjectivity. Just the facts.

Are these people entitled to be granted citizenship to our country when we really know so little about them? Have they earned that right, even though they have lived here for years illegally?

How long have they lived in the USA? Do they speak English? Did they attend school through the 12th grade? Did they go to college? Graduate? Did they have a drivers license? If so, do the records show they have always carried auto insurance? Do they have a criminal record? Where have they been employed? Have they filed income tax returns? Are they receiving government assistance of any kind? 

In short, are these good, honest, hard-working people who share the same values as American citizens? Do they follow the rules in our country? Are they productive and self-sustaining, or are they being supported by the tax dollars of an unknowing public?

Before we ever grant citizenship, we have the right to know who they are. Then we can all come to our own conclusion based on real facts.

David Dickinson

Santa Maria


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