Letters to the Editor: WAMBO!, Election hinges on 2016's no-show voters, Learn from history, don't destroy it

Letters to the Editor: WAMBO!, Election hinges on 2016's no-show voters, Learn from history, don't destroy it

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Wear a mask - back off! That’s what I want to say to the smartass ideologs who flaunt common sense public practices while a extremely infectious and deadly virus lurks everywhere in public.

The loose fitting masks that we are required don’t stop the virus in our breathing zone. They do substantially reduce viruses that we may exhale. And with a little distance, our chance of infecting someone else is low. So you COVID deniers, get a clue. Don’t infect other people. Wear a mask - back off! 

Larry Bishop


Election hinges on 2016's no-show voters

It's a safe bet that every single person who lived along the coast of Japan during the tsunami in 2011 noticed there was lots of water in the neighborhood that didn't belong there.

Similarly, there's no way to miss the damage done by Trump to our Democracy, one example among many being his attacks on our responsible free press. With his personality disorder, daily lies, terrible appointments to important positions, and heartless handling of immigration, his failures could not be more obvious even to those who watch only Fox News.

Nevertheless, the recent average among several polls showed Biden only ahead by about seven points. In a civilized, humane society he should have been ahead by 30 or 40 points, given Trump's many obvious failures, personally and politically.

When about 40% of voters still approve of him despite everything, we see our generation is not made of the same stuff as Tom Brokaw's Greatest Generation, who fought to preserve the values expressed on the Statue of Liberty.

That not too far from half of us persist in supporting this immoral, unethical man who's desecrated a formerly revered Office of the Presidency of the United States tells us we are no longer the proud Democracy that the world has looked up to as the finest example of rule by the people.

The survival of the Democracy he's tried to destroy with his cries of "fake news," and in other ways, depends on the existence of a residue of intelligent, humane, and politically aware voters who did not show up in 2016, who will bestir themselves in November and cast their votes against this by far the worst President in history.

Jack Miles

Santa Maria

Learn from history, don't destroy it

In a recent editorial you said "Hitler was a major player in American history. Would you tolerate his statue in your hometown?"

How in the world could you compare having a statue of Hitler in an American town to those that are being torn down now. What a horrible comparison you were attempting to make. To suggest that having a statue of Hitler is the same as a American Civil War general is ridiculous.

I do think instead of destroying any Civil War statues maybe all being put in a museum of American history is the answer. We need to learn from history not destroy it. 

Carol Malin

Santa Maria

Thank you to workers wearing masks

Thank you to all of the retail, food service, and grocery store workers that are continuing to wear masks and social distance.

I expect it is very difficult to work a shift wearing a mask, and to continually be aware of the space between you and other people. It is reassuring to see most you are taking these guidelines seriously, and putting in the extra effort to be safe ... for yourself and for others around you.

And thank you to the owners and managers that make safety a priority. I’m sure it is exhausting to train, monitor, and re-enforce these rules. I imagine you have also had some tough situations with difficult employees and customers. But you understand how important these changes are to health and business.

It is encouraging to see the cooperation most people set forth to help #KeepEachOtherSafe. It is a sign we will be past this pandemic sooner, and better for it.

Mark Kozel

Santa Maria


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