Nuke power for the future

In a recent editorial, you implied nuclear power creates waste, part of which you said is "lethal and deadly.”

We need to get off fossil fuel that kills people and is making the planet unlivable due to CO2 emissions causing excessive heat, ocean acidification, droughts and destructive weather.

Nuclear plants like Diablo Canyon generate low-cost electricity using uranium delivered in only two trucks each 18 months. Fossil fuel plants need 300 rail cars of coal each day. Or we must use dangerous extensive gas pipelines that often explode, killing people and destroying property.

Nuclear’s high-quality, steady, reliable electricity guarantees stability of the electrical grid, for our industrial base and home needs of electricity.

Unspent fuel is compact, partly-used fuel safely stored that will soon be reused for fuel in the new-generation reactors, in essence it is free fuel for the future.

Renewables like wind and solar are pushed by fossil fuel companies in their ads, claiming they, too, are green. The real reason is they know wind and solar will never, ever be competition to them.

Nuclear prevented dirty fossil fuel from being used in France and will do the same in countries like China, which is rapidly building nuclear reactors throughout the country. China will close all its fossil fuel electricity plants in the foreseeable future.

Raul Brenner


Manage the budget, don't regulate

After reading the article in Friday's Santa Maria Times about the growing of marijuana in Tepusquet Canyon, I feel compelled to express my opinion.

If the county is truly looking out for the environment, and not just the opportunity for extra money, officials should just be honest and say so. Just tell the truth. I realize the county is in financial straits right now, but to ignore the water resources in the area, the manpower to enforce regulations, and the concerns of the residents strictly for financial gain is the height of hypocrisy.

Just because the majority voted for legal consumption and cultivation of marijuana doesn't mean the county has the right to force citizen taxpayers to subsidize that industry. Please think this through, find another location, and quit trying to regulate other industries out of existence such as agriculture, tourism, or heaven forbid oil. Manage the county budget better, instead of looking for quick fixes.

Bill Potts

Santa Maria

Thanks to the County for road fix

We'd like to thank the following Santa Barbara County staff members who were instrumental in getting the Lompoc/Casmalia Road re-opened: Scott McGolpin, Public Works Director; Chris Sneddon, Deputy Director of Transportation and all of the behind-the-scenes staffers. You rock!

Additionally, 3rd District Supervisor Joan Hartmann and her staff met with us immediately and kept us informed on the status of the project, and we thank you. Supervisors Steve Lavagnino and Peter Adam also kept us up to speed on the situation. Not only is this road important to our customers, but also for the community of Casmalia and all the commuters between Santa Maria, Vandenberg Air Force Base and the Lompoc Valley.

Thankfully our customers are loyal and resilient and always find a way to make the trek to our bucolic destination. Great job Santa Barbara County. Now all we need is some reliable internet service in Casmalia. As much as we have enjoyed being a place where cell phones are not constantly ringing or buzzing, there are many benefits to our customers if we had dependable cell service.

Another important reason is that many residents in our tiny community do not have landlines, and those that do have experienced two different times in the past six months where the phones were down. If an emergency had occurred, they would have had to drive out of town to get a signal. If anyone has information that could assist us in that endeavor it would be much appreciated.

Terri Ostini-Stricklin

Hitching Post Restaurant



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