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The $500,000 payout is also the latest piece of information to cast doubt on whether the program’s results justify the cost: Recent data shows the lottery didn’t significantly increase the number of Californians getting their first shot.

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COMMENTARY California’s largest utility, Pacific Gas and Electric, is about to emerge from bankruptcy with a depressed stock price and a very high debt load. If it cannot operate safely and profitably, a state takeover may be the option.

OUR VIEW Wading through all the unanswered questions one realizes that, despite the potential for a higher COVID-19 death toll, reopening the state’s economy is the only viable option.

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A. A ventilator is breathing machine. It could be as simple as a flexible plastic bottle squeezed by hand or as complex as a machine controlled by a computer and powered by electricity or compressed gas. The large 1930s polio-era iron lungs are ventilators. Hospital ventilators today are about the size a microwave oven and often are on wheeled stands, with large monitors for medical workers to keep track of how a patient is responding to treatment. The federal government and state governments are working to avoid a shortage of ventilators should hospitals face a crush of patients in need of the lifesaving machines that help them breathe.