Seven Central Coast Boxing Club members traveled to Mexicali for an amateur event and six came back home as winners. 

Three of the young fighters won via first-round TKO and another boxer won with a second-round TKO on Saturday in Mexico at U.S. vs. Mexico WBC event.

Alexandro Sandoval, a 9-year-old fighting at 60 pounds, scored a unanimous three-round decision, said Central Coast Boxing Club president Carlos Ruiz Jr.

"He's been training for only four months," Ruiz said. "His father never thought he would be jumping in a boxing ring in front of such a large crowd in such a short amount of time."

Ruiz said Sandoval shook off some early nerves thanks to coach Jose Gonzales.

"Jose told Alexandro that he was ready. 'After all the hard work, this is your fight.' The bell rang and he came out swinging to win a tough three-round decision," Ruiz said.

Alisson Mata is 12 years old and was ready to fight at 85 pounds, but her opponent pulled out right before the fight was set to begin. 

"She shook hands with her opponent and she understands these things happen sometimes," Ruiz said. "She won by walkover." 

Keyla Cruz, a 10-year-old, fought at 110 pounds and didn't come away from her bout with a victory, but Ruiz was happy with the way she fought over three tough rounds.

"She lost a close fight to a more experienced fighter," Ruiz said.

Osvaldo Gonzales, 12, fought at 80 pounds. Ruiz said Gonzales had a very impressive showing Saturday night.

"Osvaldo is always a fast starter. He comes out strong going to the body and the head," Ruiz said. "He gave his opponent an eight-count in the first few seconds. He then ran at him and didn't give him any time to recover. The referee stopped the fight by TKO in the first round."

Icek Cruz, a 14-year-old, weighed in at 90 pounds and Ruiz said Cruz used his height to keep his opponent at bay.

"He kept the pressure on and a big right hand landed for a standing eight-count," Ruiz said. "We told Icek that it was time and that he hurt his opponent. He needed to give everything he had to get the KO and he did, stopping his opponent in the second round."

After two of his teammates scored TKOs, William Funes, 14, felt some pressure to follow suit. The 101-pound fighter rose to the occasion.

"He knew what he had to do and that’s stop his opponent fast," Ruiz said. "Walking to the ring with his father, Ernesto Funes, by his side pumping him up, telling him 'You got this, son.' The bell rang and he went straight to work, throwing punches and coming forward. He gave the referee no choice but to stop the fight for a first round TKO."

To close out the show for the Central Coast Boxing team was Armando Gonzales, a 15-year-old who fights at 140 pounds. His father and coach Jose Gonzales told Armando to keep his hands up and take the fight to his opponent, Ruiz said.

"The bell rings and the first combination he threw hurt his opponent," Ruiz added. "It was a standing eight-count, then the referee let the fight continue. Armando knew his opponent was still hurt and this was his chance to stop him. So he runs at him with big right and left hands and the referee jumps in the middle to stop the fight in less than 30 seconds of the first round."

Ruiz said the temperature was about 118 degrees in Mexicali when his younger boxers fought last weekend.


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