Dunn did enough in the last 10 minutes of each half on a windy Saturday to stay unbeaten.

Daniel Diyaolu, with an assist from Alpha Sowe, scored in the 31st minute of the first half, Frank Daroma rammed home a shot in the 35th minute of the second and Dunn edged Cabrillo 2-1 in a non-league boys soccer game at the Dunn School in Los Olivos.

The Earwigs entered the week at 4-0-1. The Conquistadores dropped to 5-9-1 with Saturday's loss.

Even getting on the pitch to face someone else was a sort of victory for the Earwigs, who won the CIF Southern Section Division 6 championship in 2017.

"We lost a lot of (potential) games because of the fires and the mudslides," said first-year Dunn coach Alex Uribe. The lone Condor League game Dunn has played this year ended in a scoreless tie against Laguna Blanca.

Uribe has returned to coaching high school soccer after a long, and successful, stint as Santa Ynez's boys soccer coach. Uribe's last year there was 2015.

The team that had the considerable wind at its back was the one that put on the most pressure Saturday, and Cabrillo was that team in the second half.

Jeremiah Lamar was bearing down on the Dunn goal and, after a Lamar touch on the ball, a Dunn defender tried to stop him and, with Dunn goalkeeper Brima Kamara well out of the box, his defender tried to head the ball back to Kamara.

Instead, the ball went over Kamara's head and into the goal. Lamar was credited with the tying goal.

"When the goalkeeper gets too close to the defender and the defender doesn't know what the goalkeeper wants to do, that's a mistake," said Uribe. "It was the only mistake we made today.

"That was the first goal we've given up all year, and it came on a mistake."

At times, the Dunn attack looked like an offense that had, well, played in just five games. Passes often misconnected in Cabrillo territory, foiling Dunn forays.

However, the Dunn attack picked up as each half went along.

In the 75th minute of the game, Daroma drove deep into the Conquistadores' penalty box and knocked in the winning goal.

Cabrillo's midfielders controlled things in the midfield area, getting to virtually every ball first. The Conquistadores put on consistent pressure in the second half, particularly the first part.

However, that wasn't quite enough for the Conqs Saturday.

"They have a couple of key players, their go-to guys, and they go to (Daroma) a lot," said Cabrillo assistant coach Juan Elizalde.

"If you can shut him down a lot of the pieces fall into place, but if they get into the penalty box they're hard to stop. Every time they got into the penalty box, they either got off a (crossing pass) or a shot."

Eighteen players are on the Cabrillo roster, but a handful of them were not there Saturday.

"Because of grades and injuries, our numbers are really down," said Elizalde. "We had two subs today.

"They're undefeated and the defending (Division 6) champs, I was happy with the way we played them. I think the boys are heading in the right direction."

In the first half, Kamara repeatedly came out of the goal box to stop Cabrillo threats with ease and uncork long clearing kicks. In the second, Hernan Sevilla helped the Dunn defense keep the Conqs to a lone goal.

"And (Sevilla's) a freshman," said Uribe. "Our goalkeeper is a sophomore, and he's one of the best I've seen at this level."

Dunn played a Condor League game Wednesday at Midland.


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