Week Zero of the High School Football season is moved up a couple of weeks from years past, meaning that we are a little more than 2 months away from kickoff. We talk about the big games from the first couple of weeks of the season, and what some of the new matchups will be because of the section and division changes for area teams. The Balderas bothers, Jose and Karlos, dispatched of their opponents rather easily last Saturday night at Staples Center. What did their fights look like, and if they continue on this path how much longer will it be until one gets a shot at a title? The Youth baseball, Little League and Babe Ruth, seasons are in full swing or are about to get started. We talk a little about the players, teams, and games - plus Lorenzo Reyna talks about Lompoc Babe Ruth re-naming their championship in honor of Noah Scott. And finally, the Golden State Warriors beat the Cavs in the NBA Finals capturing their third championship in four years. What does that mean and can the Dubs' keep it up. Find out on a new edition of 805SportsTalk

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