Military service has always been a big part of Stacy Moody’s family, and after a conversation with her older brother, who was a U.S. Army veteran, she decided to sign up. At 16, Moody received permission from her parents to enlist, and spent her entire senior year at Righetti High School preparing for boot camp at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. She started four days after graduating in 1987. Her brother served in the 82nd Airborne and her grandfather, Bindo Grasso, is a former 101st Airborne “pathfinder” who jumped into France on the night before the D-Day invasion. Moody wanted to be a paratrooper too, but the Army wouldn’t let her. Soldiers could only be paratroopers if they were in combat positions and women weren’t allowed in combat at the time. Moody insists that her gender shouldn’t matter — American history is replete with examples of women heroism in combat.

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